Bias due to one-sided differential misclassification of a binary confounder

Prof. Ronnie Pingel
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With this email I gladly invite you to the ’online’ statistical seminar where Prof. Ronnie Pingel, senior lecturer at the Department of Statistics, Uppsala University, will present his recent research. 

Title: Bias due to one-sided differential misclassification of a binary confounder
Abstract: This study focuses on systematic errors that arise due to measurement errors of confonding variables when estimating causal effects in observational studies, which is especially important when confounding variables are retrieved from register data. More specifically, the study aims to study a specific type of measurement error that is common, namely one-sided error classification. This is a measurement error that occurs, for example, due to under-reporting in registers. This means that individuals who have a registered property actually have the property, but there are also individuals in the register who have the property without the property being registered. Theroretical results are provided for sign of the bias of the average causal effect and numerical results are given for the magnitude of the bias.
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Time of Seminar: 
2021-03-18 14:30 to 15:30
Online at Zoom