How to get notified about new content (Subscriptions)

GRAPES will automatically send e-mail notifications about new courses and new posts in the General Forums to registered users.

You can manage your subscriptions (i.e. what you should get notified about) under My account and Subscriptions.

  • Pages/Threads shows individual pages or threads in the forums you have subscribed to. You subscribe to an individual page or thread through the Subscripe link on the page or thread.
  • Content Types shows the kind of content you have subscribed to
    • Subscribing to Courses (the default) sends notifications about all new and updated course pages.
    • Subscribing to Seminar (the default) sends notification about all new seminar announcements.
    • Subscribing to Forum topic sends notifications about all new posts in the Forums.
    • Subscribing to Pages sends notifications about all new and updated pages except course pages and seminars.
  • Categories shows subscriptions to Forums. Notifications about new threads and posts in the forum is sent if you subscribe to a forum. By default users are subscribed to forums in the General Forums category.