Statistical Inference I (7.5 hp)

In Fall II 2023, there will be offered a course in Statistical Inference I (7.5hp) for Ph.D. students in statistics and related fields. This initiative to have a national Ph.D. course has been taken by the departments of Statistics in Sweden and will be shared in the instruction duties by:  

  • Per Gösta Andersson (PGA), Statistiska inst, Stockholm,
  • Krzysztof (Krys) Podgorski (KP), LU,
  • There is a charge for each student. It will be covered by the home university/organisation of the participant thus please, consult participation with your main academic advisor.
  • The course is a mixture of online and onsite meetings. Their schedule will be decided after the list of participating students will be combined.
  • Prerequisite for the course is a Master's Degree in Statistics, Mathematical Statistics, or related. However, local master students are welcome to follow the presentations.
  • Those who intend to participate please contact
  • In the email requesting registration to the course, please, include:
    • the name and e-mail address of a participant,
    • the name and e-mail address of her/his main advisor,
  • Please, send the above information by the 1st of October (but earlier registration will be appreciated and will allow for a better allocation of resources and decide on the schedule of onsite meetings).
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