Longitudinal Data Analysis

We are happy to invite to the course on Longitudinal Data Analysis (3hp). The course is funded by GRAPESĀ  but all interested in Longitudinal Data Analysis can participate. The course will present material on Repeated Measurements, Mixed Linear Models, Generalized Linear Models, Model Validation and Data Analysis. All together the course comprises 12h lectures and 12h computer classes.

GRAPES will refund travel and accomodation costs for PhD students at Swedish universities.

Lecturer: Jianxin Pan, The University of Manchester, UK. (http://www.manchester.ac.uk/research/jianxin.pan/).
Professor Pan is very experienced with many publications (including one book) within the area of Repeated Measurements. Dietrich von Rosen will assist Professor Pan.

When: The Course starts April 14, 9.15 and ends April 17, at 17.00.

Preliminary plan: Between 9-12 theory is presented and between 14-17 there are computer classes.

We suggest that all participants bring their own lap-tops with R and SAS installed. If this causes any problems please contact Dietrich.

Where: At the Statistics Department at Stockholm University.

Application: Please apply to Dietrich, dietrich.von.rosen@slu.se, no later than March 31.

Warmly welcome

For more information see http://www.statistics.su.se/om-oss/evenemang/seminarier/ph-d-course-on-longitudinal-data-analysis-1.165440

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