Crash Course on FDA and ML of complex data 17 - 19. April 2024

In an era of explosive growth in complex data, our course is your bridge to a deeper understanding of Functional Data Analysis (FDA) and Machine Learning (ML). The main challenge today isn't data availability but rather our ability to interpret it. Join our growing community of professionals applying ML to tackle complex data challenges. This crash course highlights key developments at the intersection of FDA and ML, with a focus on handling complex functional data. Moreover, as a student, you have the opportunity to earn 3 ECTS credits by submitting a report at the end of the workshop. Don't miss this chance to unlock new insights and skills in data analysis. Teachers: Karel Hron, Palacký University, Czech Republic. Konrad Abramo wicz, Umeå University, Sweden. Alessia Pini, Catholic University of Sacred Heart, Italy. Hiba Nassar, Technical University of Denmark, Danmark. Please, check the links for further details
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